Monday, March 30, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: Fireworks and electricity

Greetings Yasmin from New Zealand.

Pierre Alain Hubert I saw your post on Yasmin and sent you a reply but
thought perhaps it better to offer the thinking out to the wider Yasmin

AS 2015 is the year of light I am looking at doing something interesting
with my work and I was thinking about your discussion of your work on a
youtube clip and especially
a discussion where you were talking about photons and perhaps something I
think you call the photoform. I wish to hear more ideas on issues to do
with what I think in the French language would be called feu d'artifice and

Perhaps as you have inspired myself you may see something of interest in
my work.
Is there any more discussion you can offer on the photo form perhaps the
source of your research on the topic.

I have been re-concerning my thinking with the idea that with electricity I
am creating plasma which is the blue/white light in the long distance
exploding wire image below. Here is how our work in exploding wire happens
to my thinking some of this thinking may be scientifically fanciful but it
suits my purpose and I offer it out there as it may be of some use
especially the vacuum that must result in even the smallest of fireworks.

My thoughts on my art created with exploding wire.

we put a large amount of voltage into a wire,
the wire explodes,
the explosion creates a vacuum,
a vacuum is the path of least resistance and the capacitors with
stored electricity at 45000 volts use the path to release the energy in the
form of plasma
a plasma path opens in a fraction of time and space.
As plasma has been discussed as all light frequencies and sound frequencies
given that everything in the known world is excited atoms then given there
is firstly a vacuum and then a plasma bolt
there is a loose argument that in my work I am creating something into
nothing and then everything from nothing.

As an artist I work with a team of scientist/electrical engineers so any
intelligence on a science or physics discussion I wont be able to answer/
is dependant on the scientists.

I take inspiration
from fireworks in general and invite you to view my work.

Some of the work I have been doing as an artist has mostly been in two forms
one is lightning arc drawing (15000volts) which is an extension of drawing
on a two dimensional plane with conductive media and the other exploding
wire which because of higher voltages (45000 volts) has mostly been working
in 3 dimensional space. I have some photos to share with you the second
image is the process of my thinking to put ink on .3 millimetre wire and
explode it onto paper. Here also are a few links to videos of the former
lightning arc drawing.

Kind regards from far away

Kerry Tunstall

Kerry Tunstall