Monday, March 30, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Light is My Business


I just got a post from Pierre Alain Hubert, one of the worlds foremost
fireworks artists.

He has created among other things the worlds smallest fireworks
that we jokingly call 'nano fireworks' although they are not nano

dear colleagues

about 2015 the year of light who is intersted by discussing about
Fireworks as an art form
I m a world known fireworks 'specialist
so light is my business
artist, scientist, specialist of large displays all over the world ,
and working too on millimetric sources of sparks
friend of roger Malina throught IMERA
I will be very glad to participate at this year of light program in a team
feel free to look at my web site and to contact me
looking forward for your response
all the best
pierre alain hubert france

amitiés P.A.H

Here are more details on his 'nano fireworks

Small is Beautiful: NANO-FIREWORKS?
Roger Malina, 31 March 2010 (created 31 March 2010)
Pierre-Alain Hubert is one of the worlds foremost fireworks artists
known internationally:

I first met him when we were planning projects for the International
Year of Physics in France and he had a proposal to create fireworks
whose display structures were similar to those of showers of particles
created in particle accelerators like those being created at the LHC
at CERN as we speak. He was fascinated about the question of the scale
of phenomena and in particular if you could tell the scale of a
phenomenon from a photograph. What structures are particular to
particular scales of phenomena? This is a question that has a large
literature, with seminal works such as Darcy Wentworth Thomson's "On
Growth and Form" with recent discussions triggered by Mandelbrot's
work on fractals.

Pierre-Alain Hubert recently met nano scientist Jim Gimzewski during a
residency at IMERA and the question came up of whether one could make
nano-fireworks, or at what scale does explosif release become
impossible. Hubert went to work and has now created a series of the
smallest fireworks ever created. You can hear him describe them and
see the displays at:

These are perhaps not yet nano but certainly micro. In the u-tube
video he again discusses the question of structure and scale. He is
also intrigued by the coincidence that the structure of the displays
of his nano fireworks reminds him of what he imagines to be the firing
of neurons. Hubert and Gimzewski plan to continue their collaboration
and I would be interested in other art-science work that investigates
the question of scale and structure.

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