Tuesday, March 31, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Light is my Business


for our Light is our Business discussion I thought i would bring to
your attention an
intringuing article by nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek which came out
about a month ago
about PHYSICS in 100 YEARS

In it he talks about expanded senses, or enhanced sensoria- the nature
of light which
started this discussion needs to be coupled to how humans perceive
light= he calls
for an 'artificial synesthesia' which would combine current human
perception of light
with augmented perception of other forms of light- so "that physicists
can bring their visual cortex
fully to bear "

and he calls for artists and scientists to work together

its a fascinating article


roger malina

Physics in 100 Years Frank Wilczek March 18, 2015
Abstract Here I indulge in wide-ranging speculations on the shape of physics,
and technology closely related to physics, over the next one hundred years.
Themes include the many faces of unification, the re-imagining of
quantum theory, an


2.4 Enhanced Sensoria

Human perception leaves a lot on the table. Consider, for example,
color vision. Whereas the electromagnetic signals arriving at our eyes
contain a continuous range of frequencies, and also polarization, what
we perceive as "color" is a crude hash encoding, where the power
spectrum is lumped into three bins, and polarization is ignored.
(Compare our perception of sound, where we do a frequency analysis,
and can appreciate distinct tones within chords.) Also, of course, we
are insensitive to frequencies outside the visible range, including
ultraviolet and infrared. Many other animals do finer sampling, so
there is valuable information about our natural environment,not to
mention possibilities for data visualization and art, to be gained by
expanding color perception.

Modern microelectronics and computing offer attractive possibilities
for accessing this information. By appropriate transformations, we can
encode it in our existing channels, in a sort of artificial

• We will vastly expand the human sensorium, opening the doors of perception.

Physicists often, and rightly, admire the beauty of their concepts and
equations. On the other hand, humans are intensely visual creatures.
It will be fruitful to use modern resources of signal processing and
computer graphics to translate the beautiful concepts and equations
into forms such that physicists can bring their visual cortex fully to
bear on them, and that people in general can admire and enjoy.

• Artists and scientists will work together, to create new works of
extraordinary beauty.

2.5 Quantum Sensoria, Quantum Minds
Quantum mechanics reveals other unseen infinities. Perhaps the most
characteristic quantum effect, which expands its state space
exponentially, is entanglement. But entanglement is both delicate and
(since it involves correlations) subtle to observe, so our exploration
of that central feature of the quantum world is only now properly
commencing. New kinds of observables will open to view, and new states
of matter will be revealed:
• Measurement of entanglement, and

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