Friday, April 28, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] Art and wetlands in the Med area


I'm trying to finalise the abstract to go into the Imagining the
Mediterranean Congress This part of my
work as co-ordinator of the Art Focus Group for the Ramsar Culture Network
- Ramsar is the intergovernmental Convention on Wetlands

I'm looking for examples of ecoart/environmental art addressing wetlands in
the Mediterranean area. I've got two at the moment:

Brandon Ballengee has worked at Parco Arte Viviente in Turin as part of his
ongoing Malamp project - he did an Eco Action and they produced a nice
little book. 3rd video here -

Shai Zakai's Concrete Stream project in Israel cleaned up a stream which
was being used as a dump by a concrete works, and engaged the business to
persuade them to stop dumping.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Chris Fremantle

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