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[Yasmin_discussions] Hot steam topic; Our April issue is live & open call for STEAM articles

>Subject: Our April issue is live & open call for STEAM articles
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>Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:17:19 +0000
>Our April issue is live!
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>Letter from the Editor
>Open call for STEAM articles for a special topics SciArt issue, August 2017
>Dear readers and colleagues,
>ÐAs the STEAM educational movement gains
>momentum, the conversation around what STEAM is,
>what it can do, and what it is already doing is
>actively taking shape. STEAM
>emphasizes an integrated and holistic approach
>to learning. STEAM has become popularized for
>many reasons near and dear to us at SciArt, such
>the <>documented
>benefits of arts-based learning on general
>creative capacity and the increasing desire to
>break free from the disciplinary silo system
>which many find tiresome and outdated. But like
>the start of anything new, STEAM education lacks
>a rubric, guidelines, or standards for educators
>to follow and be inspired by. Only through a
>collecting of current STEAM approaches can we
>correctly and coherently analyze this
>educational movement for its benefits and its
>weak spots, and push beyond the buzz-word phase
>we currently find ourselves in. Such an analysis
>is important if STEAM is ever to to be packaged
>and integrated into our educational system in a
>widespread manner. STEAM is easy to talk about
>but still hard to do.
>The August issue of SciArt will be dedicated to
>publishing the varied approaches that STEAM
>educators are taking - from theory to case
>study, we are accepting articles for submission
>now through June 15th. Please see
>our <>submissions
>page for more information on our submission
>process and policies.
>In the meantime, I sincerely hope you enjoy our April issue.
>Ð-Julia Buntaine, Editor-in-Chief
>Our April issue features San Francisco Ballet's
>Frankenstein, nature and firefly photogram
>artist Michael Flomen, science/tech/microbiome
>multimedia artist Kathy High, philosopher and
>cognitive neuroscientist Dan Lloyd, the
>Reciprocal Biomimicry Initiative by conceptual
>artist Jonathon Keats, ecological artist
>Michelle Rogers, lichen-focused artist Karolina
>Ferenc, and Squidtoons' "Market squid embryos
>can handle stress, yo."
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