Thursday, March 1, 2018

Yasmin_discussions Digest, Vol 4, Issue 2

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Today's Topics:

1. Science for the People: article on recent Zapatista
science/awareness conference (YASMIN DISCUSSIONS)


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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2018 14:04:19 -0600
Subject: [Yasmin_discussions] Science for the People: article on
recent Zapatista science/awareness conference
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This fascinating article about the Dec 2017 Las ConCiencias conference ? "a call for scientists to organize, to create new organizational systems for aiding grassroots struggles? ? gets to the heart of issues around how to create a science that is truly by and for the people:

"The Zapatistas demand that science be reimagined by both scientists and the grassroots together as a technique of resistance. Decolonizing science requires scientists to organize in their own communities, and to deconstruct how their own research methodologies and epistemologies have been employed as tools of colonialism and neocolonialism. Such a process of decolonization also demands scientists become engaged allies, co-conspirators, and accomplices who can share methodological and theoretical insights with grassroots movements about how to build a new vision of science within the cracks of capital?s wall.?

John Vandermeer, one of this discussion's invited respondents, attended this conference (pictured in article). Would be very interested to hear thoughts from John, or others engaged/interested in such initiatives...

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