Thursday, December 10, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] art, science and ecology in secondary education in brazil


here is news of a new art science program for secondary
schools just approved in brazil !

does anyone know of other art science curricula projects
in secondary schools ? if so , i will add them to the art
science curriculum twine


From: Saulo FA Barretto <>

Dear friends

We are very happy to announce that we received the news that a proposal we
submitted to FINEP (a Brazilian funding agency) focused on science education
for secondary schools was approved. This proposal, named "Arte com Ciência -
Art with Science", was built in collaboration the Federal University of
Sergipe and the State Secretary for Education and will attend 4 cities from
the south region of Sergipe (Itaporanga, Estância, Santa Luzia do Itanhy,
The aim of the proposal is to improve science education through a
methodology tha links art, science and ecology.

Below you find some of the main project activities:
- install multimedia labs in 4 secondary schools, one in each of the 4
cities attended by the project
- workshops for teachers and students to enable them to register, edit and
share multimedia contents
- organizing science, art and ecology schoolar fairs in each of the 6
schools attended by the project
- select the best projects developed by students which will be improved to
become part of the permanent collection of the future museum of Art, Science
and Technology of Santa Luzia do Itanhy
- promote a set of conferences on art, science and ecology (16 in total)
that will be hosted in Santa Luzia do Itanhy but registered and distributed
to all other schools
- create a portal for news on art and science, which will be coordinate and
matained by teachers and students from the 6 schools

The funding is for 20 months an shall start in April 2010.
With this new project we have now funding for activities in education for
primary (project Inclusive Education) and secondary (Art with Science)
schools to start in 2010.

best wishes
Saulo Baretto
The Human Project
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