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[Yasmin_discussions] art-science and science art curricula

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 6:24 PM, Todd Siler <>wrote:

> I've been following the excellent Yasmin discussions, and anxiously waiting
> for the right moment to jump in and contribute. When I caught your recent
> announcement regarding secondary schools and universities who are currently
> establishing art-science and science-art courses, I got excited and thought:
> Maybe these groups would be interested in the materials we created for The
> ArtScience Program in 1994. I've attached a PDF that shows some of
> the book projects and workshops that were created as outgrowths of The
> ArtScience Program.
>> these documents have been added to:

> Even though it was primarily a pilot project for K-12 education (which we
> applied to universities, too), there are many vital lessons we learned about
> engaging learners of all ages through this synthesis of the arts &
> sciences. Although The ArtScience Program wasn't designed for online
> lectures, it could be -- that is, if the Yasminers find this material
> useful.
> For your review, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the general guidebook
> we used with schools. It highlights some important distinctions between
> interdisciplinary and integrative studies with its collaborative practices.
> I gather that's what Diane Ullman and Donna Billick at the UC Davis
> Art-Science Fusion Program are aiming to do in their "theoretical
> transdiscplinary/integrative approach," as you put it. I plan to contact
> them to see if they're open to the approach we've used.
> Some years ago, I was considering developing an ArtScience doctoral program
> at MIT that would offer Integrative Studies linked to any and all
> the departments. Unfortunately, I was swamped with my company's projects
> and we didn't have the means or resources to properly develop this program;
> I was looking forward to building on what we learned from implementing The
> ArtScience Program. That program was originally meant to be embedded in
> the core curriculum, using curricular content based on the National Science
> Standards, which supposedly prepares students to "function as lifelong
> learners in a changing society." Also, we were financially strapped trying
> to put together a rigorous assessment component to evaluate the impact of
> the ArtScience Program -- in particular, the instructional strategies and
> professional development activities. This assessment work required recording
> and measuring improvements in student learning, student interest and
> confidence in art, science and math, as well as students' attainment of
> district proficiencies in the core academic areas under study. In short: it
> required serious funding for this curricular and assessment
> development. That said, I've always wanted to work with universities and
> research centers that were interested in embarking on this ArtScience
> adventure, and would welcome the opportunity to do so.
> >>>
> With best wishes and regards,
> Todd
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