Thursday, December 10, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] art-science and science-art curricula


this text has just been accepted for publication in leonardo journal=
it discusses the interesting 'problem" that art and design programs
in Nigeria are seeing increases in applications from students with
strong science and technology backgrounds, and the need within
the art and design programs to develop curricula for these students
that integrate art and science interests


*Authors: Dr Kashim I. B.1, Adelabu O. S.2*

* *

*Title: * The Current Emphasis on Science and Technology in Nigeria and

Dilemmas this Raises for Art Education.


The Nigerian educational policies continue to emphasize the development of
science and technology so as to keep abreast with the demands of developing
economies. The school curricula at all levels had under-gone reviews to make
them meet up with these challenges. Art subjects are being relegated to the
background as a result of the emphasis. This paradigm shift has affected the
teaching and practice of visual arts education in Nigeria. Those seeking
admission into science and engineering based courses have risen tenfold in
spite of the limited infrastructural facilities available, while the number
of those seeking admission to creative arts continues to dwindle yearly.
Those who had earlier been preparing for courses in engineering and science
but could not secure admission are often absorbed into the art based
industrial design courses. Such students often find it difficult to develop
their psyche initially but develop interest as time went by. Students in
industrial design with science background are grounded to develop their
creative potentials which are necessary in developing economies. This paper
suggests that art training in Nigeria should embrace integrated science
subjects which will be useful to the production of future graduates with the
required entrepreneurial skills
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