Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] arts,humanities and complex networks


At the Eye of the Storm conference in London, Thommaso Venturini
gave a talk on the mapping of controversies using the approaches
developed by Bruno Latour's group:



<http://www.demoscience.org/controversies/projects.php>There are a number of
examples of different network mapping approaches
to show how the human communities around controversies organise themselves.
Its somewhat discouraging to see how internet connectivity encourages

One nice example is the controversy around the sound of dunes:
*In this rather nebulous phase of speculative uncertainty, I leave the
Sounding Sands *
*to continue their mysterious song, confining their favors to the lucky few,
and exciting *
*the curiosity, but, I hope, no longer the incredulity of the remainder"
Lord Curzon, 1923*

You can hear the sound of dunes at:


see the maps at:


for instance:


would be interesting to visualise how our community organises itself
around art-science controversies such as:

- post humanism
techno optimism
stelarc , kac, and other artists that have become the subject of controversy
- art and biology, deep ecology
- cultural biases of internet protocols
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