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[Yasmin_discussions] ditital poetry the politics of

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Spoken Words
in case you could not make it yesterday to Amsterdam, the audio-part
from the live performance is available at:
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On 10 dec. 2011, at 11:44, IR3ABF <ajaco@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> The Politics of Digital Poetry>> 11 ways to escape the symbolic field>> 1.   Destruction/Art in the 21st Century> 2.   Augury/Judith's Dream> 3.   Die Wahrheit/Definitions for Poets> 4.   Premonition/Sfinx> 5.   Subversion/Sins & Tears, an Elegy for a Lybian Clown> 6.   Community/Art (nouns)> 7.   Absolute/About me> 8.   Catastrophe/Are we real or a Fantasy> 9.   Architecture/Your kisses for a Cigarette> 10. Fluidal/Art is as> 11. Revolve/Artv(verbs)>> Setlist for 2nite's performance>> @perdu amsterdam 20:55 CEST>> see: http://perdu.nl (agenda)>> Andreas Maria Jacobs>> Sent from my eXtended Body
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