Sunday, December 4, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] networking 5.0

ave Everitt
Submitted on 2011/11/24 at 3:05 pm
I'd say if a network doesn't self-organise via unmonitored and
sustained communication between individuals, it isn't a network but a
managed structure. I'd also argue that you can only asses what kind of
network it is by analysing the interactions between participants/nodes
quantitatively and that, retrospectively once the network is running

I also wonder how self-organising networks survive within
institutional structures which are typically hierarchical and often
status-based with a strong management and administrative remit, as
well as a need for institutional promotion. It seems from my
observations that individuals who respond to each other tend to
by-pass or work around their institutional frameworks in order to
connect, although they are obviously need to frame their interactions
in a manner that their supporting institutions can recognise.

I'd see the main issue of interest is how as sustained relationships
often cut across or ignore institutional initiatives: if the latter
want to respond to or foster these self-organising networks, perhaps
they could support advocates who are *already connected*, watch how
they work, and *really listen* to what they need in order to continue.

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