Thursday, December 8, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] networking 5.0

>From Maurice Benayoun •

What about SCIEFAD (F for "for" art and design), I guess we don't
need to include the N or NETSEAD (with the play on NET SEED..) what I

maurice- not sure if you intended a pun with SCIEFAD- but there is
indeed a faddish-ness in the way funding affects us !!! for many
years it was creative industries, new media etc and now there is a
burst of pushing of art-science- locally art-science collaboration
is suddenly on the 'innovation' radar and suddenly many things are
repackaged as art-science !!!

patrick maccray is a science historian who has worked on how funding
for nanotechnology emerged and much of what
was already going on got renamed nanotech because there was funding
available ( and less easily for materials science...
or chemistry)

Levy Leblond in his book Science is Not Art, has a section on the
faddish nature of how art-science is suddenly on
an international radar and groups calling themsleves art science
appear out of the woodwork ( 5 years ago they
were "locative media" groups - just a name change)

but needless to say i think there is some fundamental shifting of
cultural practices going on- here in the new Aix marseille
University a group of energetic professors in sciences and humanities
are building new curricula that try to join
the arts and science at the hip, with problem driven approaches> I am
just reviewing a proposal for a new
bachelor of arts and sciences at the university of hong kong which
includes introduction to science for artists,
a course on scientific processes, art and mathematics as well as
electives in cell biology, robotic art, organic
chemistry, game design etc etc

the program I am joining at UT Dallas, like these others, are
responding to student interest and pressure in
education that bridges the arts and sciences

so ( but then i wouldnt say otherwise) i think the current
international interest in art-sci relflects underlying
cultural shifts not just political funding fads

and we need new kinds of neworks as a substrate that grows out of the
new cultural practices-


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