Saturday, December 3, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] networking 5.0

I'd like to share the English translation of something I wrote in my
Book "Mondes Multiples" in 1987 describing my own work with the

"The image of many worlds existing in parallel is duplicated by the
artists' network.
Their interconnectedness is each artist's worldview existing in itself
but also through
its relation to other worlds which help define it. A new world
springs into existence
every time we change creative centers and regard reality from another

The network is like colored threads running around world, with the
difference being
that they are not necessarily constant, and can be recreated, broken up and

recreated again, in never ending configurations and patterns. The
organization is
horizontal, rather than hierarchical, among equally weighted centers, an

interdependent independence. This schema of the network corresponds
nicely to the
mythological one of Indra's Net which describes the universe as a net
of pearls, in
which each pearl reflects all others. In this image we begin to find a

potential structure for future social and political relations and the
skeletal outline of
new institutional forms."

Posted by Don Foresta
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