Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] diversity in transdisciplinary practice

Ariel- jut for information my current institution is the university of
texas at dallas
and what is surprising is that after so many years of trying the
sciences and engineering
in the usa are still having trouble having a truly diverse community
of practice-
a student in my seminar last semester looked at the statistics for
researchers and
software developers in the gaming industry-i wont give the statistics
because of RB;s
previous comment but its rather depressing

Anne_Sarah; i guess i really wanted to broaden this discussion from gender

the art science technology community is convinced that we need to find new ways
to enable true, deep, collaboration between artists, scientists and
engineers- that
these diverse groups with individuals with different 'ways of knowing'
will lead to
really exciting important work that responds to the human condition today= it is
really difficult to create these trans-disciplinary collaborations-
the good news is
that there are more of them than before ( see our SEAD white papers report at )

among the tactics we discussed were ways of making sure that diverse
communities could work together

INCLUDING: Spurring innovation through diversity
4. Communities addressing global issues and local solutions
EMBEDDING: Public engagement and negotiation
5. Outreach, "citizen science," dissemination
SITUATING: An emerging ecology of creative places
6. "Alt spaces"

my argument is that the gender question is part of a much larger discussion
about how we enable new forms of creative collaborations- that involves
not only artists, scientists and engineers, but also diverse cultural

roger malina

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From: Ariel Dougherty <>
Date: Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 9:44 AM

I find this curious:

in our university the women computer scientists are mobilising through
the new lean-in movement - karen doore who is being copied and is leading
this effort might like to comment

"our university" is, I believe, MIT, yes? In any event, with all the
efforts by women over the years, decades really, to change the
culture, be included, get the job, etc etc. I find it interesting that
it is the "lean-in movement" that is kindling their mobilizing.

Anyone have thoughts here???

Best, Ariel Dougherty

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