Monday, January 13, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] water is in the air

water is in the air

Working here in the UK, Artists and scholars consider what it means to
consider 'more than human' relationships for serious arts and
humanities research about living things, people and places. Some nice
thoughts in these recaps from the two day effort funded by the Arts
and Humanities Research council and organized by the cultural
geographer Owain Jones and one of the most interesting artists I have
met recently Antony Lyons on the river Torridge in Devon. You will
find comments from Reiko and I within it as well. Nice stuff from a
range of disciplines... a very unusual approach. See what you think.

Specific references to water and air:
millions of Mayfly in the air - the catchment's 'air space' - water in
terms of its relationship to the air, and the airs relationship to it;
I have seen its breath in the fall - the air began to fill with the
birds and we all sensed this IS the right place - I know water as the
miraculous expanded gas that collapses into liquid then a solid that
miraculously floats and sustains the world because of it.....
By Timothy M Collins

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