Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Yasmin_discussions] YASMIN 2014= water is in the air ?

Dear Yasminers

I am the yasmin moderator beginning this evening and
your moderators for the following weeks are

January 13 - January 19 Monica Bello/ Guillermo Munoz
January 20 - January 26 Soussi Housine/ Dimitris Charitos

I thought I would start 2014 with a seed topic of the art, science
and technology of water

i spent christmas in california which recorded in 2013 one of the worst
water droughts in history and am on my way to dallas which is an unsustainable
culture in the long run as climate change happens and the drought spreads in
the american south west

Annick Bureaud and I are working on finalising an ebook with Leonardo
collected articles related to the art/sci/tech of water that will include
the papers from the STUDIOLAB "Water is in the Air" workshop
in Marseille= the videos are up at

and the papers are in the latest issue of leonardo journal

In dallas is a show called "Aqua-culture" curated by
Henry Sanchez at the Dallas MAC

details below

i look forward to news from other yasminers on their
involvement with the art/sci/tech of water !

roger malina

AQUA-CULTURE, a group exhibition curated by Henry G. Sanchez featuring
Zach Moser and Eric Leshinsky of Shrimp Boat Projects, Brenda Perry,
Irene J. Klaver and Henry G. Sanchez, showcases artist initiated
projects that contribute to the widening discussion of the issues
surrounding the uses, management and engagements with water sources,
water ways and water bodies. The participants of this exhibition
produce work by employing interdisciplinary practices and
participatory forms of social engagement and collaboration with a
philosophical inquiry into exploring an inter-relationship with a more
aquatic-centric culture. By combining non-art related expertise with
the expertise of the artist, the exhibition allows viewers to reframe,
experience and re-imagine complicated local and global water issues.
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