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[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: "art! ⋈ climate" - a talk by Ricardo Dal Farra - Thursday Jan. 23 at 5:00pm - Concordia Music Department

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From: Ricardo Dal Farra <>
Date: Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 11:56 AM
Subject: "art! ⋈ climate" - a talk by Ricardo Dal Farra - Thursday
Jan. 23 at 5:00pm - Concordia Music Department

The "art! ⋈ climate" project
a talk by Dr. Ricardo Dal Farra

The "art! ⋈ climate" project uses art as a catalyst in helping to
build bridges between music/sound art and humanitarian actions related
to climate change, with the intent of engendering a deeper awareness
and creating lasting working partnerships in addressing our global
environmental crisis.

Both the process and the outcomes of this initiative highlight the
value of integrating creative approaches into humanitarian work for
complex risk management issues.

This project has been developed as part of the Balance-Unbalance
international program started by Dr. Ricardo Dal Farra in
collaboration with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre, and the
support of the Noosa -UNESCO's designated- biosphere in Australia and
Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and
Technology with its MIT Press published journal.

January, Thursday 23, 2014 at 5 p.m.
Free admission.

Concordia University - Music Department
1450 Guy St. (corner De Maisonneuve), Room MB 8.265
Montreal, QC -

Dr. Ricardo Dal Farra is Associate Professor of the Music Department
and Associate Director of Hexagram, the Centre for Research-Creation
in Media Arts and Technology, at Concordia University, Canada.

As an electroacoustic composer and new media artist his work has been
presented in more than 40 countries and recordings of his music are
published in 20 international editions.

He has been researcher and consultant on media arts history (Latin
America, Asia and Pacific) for UNESCO, France; and director of the
Multimedia Communication national program at the Federal Ministry of
Education, Argentina. Dal Farra started the Balance-Unbalance program
on how media arts could play an active role in helping to solve our
environmental crisis. Jointly with the Red Cross Climate Centre he
developed the "art! ⋈ climate" worldwide project.

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