Friday, December 25, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] transformative critical making

Dear Yasminers,

Our apologies - the Yasmin site was down for a few days - but now
it is up again and we would like to re-invite you to the discussion on
transformative and critical making.

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Repeating our earlier invitation in case you did not receive it:

«Critical making » coined by Matt Ratto of the University of Toronto
links conceptual investigation and creative physical making.
Prof. Ratto agreed to introduce his concept of critical making
for this discussion. The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) organized
the Transformaking 2015 Summit ( in
September 2015 in Yogjakarta, Indonesia. The Summit including
thematically linked events brought together makers, scientists, hackers,
DIYers, researchers, artists, critics, designers and interdisciplinary
practitioners from various regions of the world. The constructive
discourse at the Transformaking2015 symposia prompted Colette Tron and
Nina Czegledy to propose this discussion on critical making, The exploration
of this concept and activities could be helping us to criticize the way we
make things, and what we make together.

We are eager to receive your comments and contributions to the discussion.

Happy New Year!

Nina Czegledy and Colette Tron, moderators

Respondents: Venzha Christ and Sharath Chandra

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