Monday, December 7, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Transformative and Critical Making

Dear Yasminers:

Introduction statement and information on Venzha's and HONF activities from
Venzha Christ respondent to the Transformative and Critical Making.

"Of late there is been a lot of academic research going on to study the nature,
intent and multiple values represented in the global 'maker culture'. To me
the most interesting instances are hyperlocal activities of making that address
the need of it's immediate community. How can such examples and mechanisms
be collated, understood and re-applied to address newer contexts and global
grass root issues, with a view of transforming the future here and now- this is
one of the main objectives of Transformaking"
- Venzha

Venzha Christ / Director of HONF Foundation - Activities:
Focused on new media art since 1999, Venzha founded HONF', Yogyakarta
new media art laboratory' (since 2011 HONF Foundation) a space to
share and grow ideas in the field of media art and wider society,
including artists, creative practitioners, scientist, hackers,
activist, and the public in an exploratory and responsive dialogue to
fuse of education, art and technology with local communities without
cultural limitation. Venzha is a producer and organizer of many
projects such as public art installation, media performance, media
art festival, technology research, videowork festival, workshops and
discussions on media + science + technology, DIY gathering,
electronic and media culture movement, etc. Founder of the v.u.f.o.c
an extraterrestrial study center, EFP platform,
Micronation/Macronation project, and Electrocore sound + research
project, HONFablab, Transformaking, etc. HONF with the community
presented media art projects in many places locally and
internationally.The goal of the Education Focus Program (EFP) is to
build connections and interactions between local/creative communities
and make a connection between universities/laboratories. Venzha on
behalf of HONF tries to focus interest and analysis of
interdisciplinary production and theory, in Indonesia Venzha is also
an initiator and artistic director also CELLSBUTTON (Yogyakarta
International Media Art Festival) since 2007, and a new platform for
both produced and organized by HONF Foundation every year
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