Monday, December 7, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Transformative and Critical Making

Dear Yasminers,

We would like to start a discussion on Transformative and
Critical Making

«Critical making» -a term coined by Matt Ratto of the University
of Toronto- links conceptual investigation and creative physical making.
Critical Making is based on the potential applications of open source
software and hardware as well as the investigation and use of new
technologies. Prof. Ratto agreed to introduce his concept of critical
making for this discussion.

The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) concentrates on principles of
critique and innovation towards the development of art, science, and
technology for society since 1999. After « Prototype 2014 », HONF
and partners organized the Transformaking 2015 Summit
( in September in Yogjakarta, Indonesia.
The Summit including thematically linked events brought together
makers, scientists, hackers, DIYers, researchers, artists, critics,
designers and interdisciplinary practitioners from various regions of
the world.The initial objectives centered on the development and future
of maker culture: "The maker movement, as well as the culture associated
with it, offers alternative solutions, in a practical way and with citizen
involvement, where sociopolitical institutions fail. But confronted with
an industrial scale in the current economic system, the risk of
commercialization remains. A critical attitude is essential to investigate
a true transformation of production: Transformaking." The constructive
discourse at the Transformaking2015 symposia prompted us to propose
this discussion on various aspects of critical making, The exploration
of this concept and activities could be helping us to criticize the way
we make things, and what we make together. All the participants of
Transformaking2015 are invited as well as Yasminers on this list
to contribute to the discussion.

Collette Tron and Nina Czegledy

The moderators:
Collette Tron and Nina Czegledy

colette tron is a french art critic and art director based in marseille.
directing the organization Alphabetville (,
she is trying to articulate new art practices, particularly in the digital,
with conceptual and theoretical perspectives. feeling close to
"critical making" approach, colette tron is involved with honf in

Nina Czegledy artist, curator, educator collaborates internationally
on art& science& technology projects. She has exhibited and
published widely won awards for her artwork and has initiated, lead
and participated in forums and festivals worldwide. Nina is a Research
Fellow at the Semaphore Research cluster the Critical Making lab,
University of Toronto.

The respondents:
Venzha Christ (HONF and Sharath Chandra Ram

Venzha Christ prolific artist, initiator, and leader in media and
art and science research founded the House of Natural Fiber,
(HONF) a new media art laboratory' in
1999 with the aim to combine education, art and technology with
local communities. HONF produced several special projects in
media art, including public art installations, technology research,
education, mediart art festivals at home and internationally in
addition to the annual Cellsbutton series of festivals.

Sharath Chandra Ram, a graduate of University of Edinburgh
specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Virtual
Environments. His research interests lie in the intersection of law,
technology and society with a focus on Open Education (Open
Science and Open Hardware), Open Spectrum, Citizen Science,
ICT4D and Intellectual Property. A licensed amateur radio broadcaster
he is actively interested in communication policy research, radio
astronomy as a transmission artist. He installed his work in several
national & international avenues. An international partner and
co-organizer of the International Summit on Critical and Transformative
Making he actively works with local open source and research
community at the Centre for Internet and Society and organizes the
annual NASA International Open Data Challenge. At Srishti Sharath
he teaches a variety of programs..

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