Monday, December 7, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Transformative and Critical Making

Dear Yasminers:

Introductory statement from
Sharath Chandra Ram respondent to the Transformative and Critical Making.

Today's share-alike network culture has blurred the lines of
intellectual property and authorship, and has become the site of
symbiotic and parasitic practices of re-appropriation that include
online as well as offline interventions such as crowd-sourced making
and hacking. An important goal of 'transformative making' in my view,
is to see if and how an inclusive and trans-disciplinary model of
networked making at the grassroots - a confluence of
citizens,tinkerers and hackers, artists , designers and researchers
can work in tandem with legal scholars and policy makers to develop
and publish solutions that may actually see the light of the day by
bridging the gap between policy recommendation and implementation.

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