Tuesday, March 14, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] Hot STEAM topic: arts in medecine


in a previous post the area of medecine and steam was discussed
here a very good recent bibliography ( Feb 27 2017) on the topic though
it doesnt discuss the research areas but focuses more on patient wellbeing
and more traditional arts therapy practices that are a century or more old-
but does highly how this area is being transformed by research practices

The review outlines the various ways in which artists and healthcare
work together to support patient and community heath, the infrastructure that
exists to support this work, and how funders can support further
development of the field


To that end, we pose the following questions from the results of this
literature review:
• How can funders support the development of a high quality, diverse
workforce of artists in medicine? How can the work of traditional
artists become integral to this expanding work?
• How can funders encourage the sharing and development of effective
practices in arts in medicine serving individuals across their
lifespan regardless of geographic area or economic means?
• What can funders do to leverage resources in healthcare settings to
build sustainable program services supporting the environmental arts,
participatory arts, and professional development?
• In what ways can funders catalyze a unifying infrastructure through
convenings, publications, and advocacy?
• Given that policies often prohibit the development of arts in
medicine by limiting resources and accessibility, how can funders
encourage both the public and private sectors to revise these limiting
• Because strong evaluation is key to building sustainable programs
within healthcare systems, how can funders help artists and arts
organizations gain the skill and confidence in order to engage in this
important aspect of the work?
• Given the momentum occurring in the arts in medicine field at this
time, what can philanthropy do to encourage broad-based community
collaborations that include arts in medicine research?

. This document was produced as support material for the GIA Funder
Forum on Arts in Medicine, held in Orlando, Florida on February 24,
2017 and sponsored by the Barr Foundation.

Roger F Malina

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