Tuesday, March 21, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] steam Book PARANOMIA on how knowledge is derived in art + science

for our stem to steam discussion there are a growing
number of books that feed into our work

here is a new book from christophe keller

PARANOMIA on how knowledge is derived in art+science

if any yasminers have published relevant books
please do bring them to our attention

roger malina

From: Christoph Keller <mail@christophkeller.net>
Subject: Book PARANOMIA on how knowledge is derived in art + scien

Dear Roger Malina,
I hope this email find's you well!

Our new publication

PARANOMIA on how knowledge is derived in art+science is now available
at SpectorBooks, Leipzig.
Please have a look!

Thanks and best wishes,
christoph keller <mail@christophkeller.com>

The term "PARANOMIA" has multiple meanings, one of them being that
which exists alongside the normative. In his inquiry into the
entangled aspects of science and contemporary art, Christoph Keller
outlines how knowledge is derived in the respective fields. The book
contains essays and contributions by Bernard Blistène, Horst
Bredekamp, Jimena Canales, Sarah Demeuse, Christoph Keller, Heike
Catherina Mertens, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Detlef Thiel, and Joseph Vogl
(see below).

Bernard Blistène: On Aether
Horst Bredekamp: Nothingness is not Nothing
Jimena Canales with Sarah Demeuse: The Viewer as a Scientist
Christoph Keller: Paranomia
Heike Catherina Mertens: A Journey through Nothing that is
Ana Teixeira Pinto: On Anarcheology
Detlef Thiel: Conversation on Ernst Marcus
Joseph Vogl: On Stammering

Design by Studio Manuel Raeder. Published by SpectorBooks, 2016.
Christoph Keller
Fehrbelliner Str. 81
D-10119 Berlin

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