Monday, March 20, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] steam topic: cultural ethical issues on moon colonisation and terraforming


now here is a very different aspect of steam- this is being organised
by professional scientists
and engineers where they are reaching out to the cultural community
for involvement in
research development

it is organised by the international academy of astronautics- and it
is in a research
and development context- this is not public education, outreach but embedded in
innovation theory

do any yasminers know of any other science or engineering organisations
with similar initiatives that are driven by research or engineering development
that acknowledge the crucial role of the arts and humanities

27-29 June, 10th IAA Symposium on The Future of Space Exploration -
Towards the Moon Village & Beyond, in torino, italy

the agenda includes ( beyond the science and engineering sessions)

• Cultural
Multicultural aspects of human space exploration Outreach aspects of
Space Exploration Access to space for emerging countries

• Motivations
Motivations and human aspects
Policy and international cooperation
Ideas from science fiction to technology

Ethical aspects of long range exploration From exploration to
colonization Ethical aspects of terraforming Robot ethics Adaptation
of humans to new environments Experience of 10 Years of ISS permanent

roger malina

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