Wednesday, March 29, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] HOT STEAM TOPIC: the Ph.D. in Art and Design: ?????


Ken Friedman and Jack Ox have raised a hot topic in the STEM to
STEAM discussion; how are hybrid professionals to be trained ?

As Ken explains the PhD has been spreading through art and design
schools internationally - in the USA there has been a debate whether
the MFA ( master of fine arts) or the PhD is appropriate and what the
difference is in terms of methodologies and training. The US College Art
Association has issued a policy statement re affirming that both the MFA
and PhD are 'terminal degree' in the USA which certify the professional
to teach and conduct research including supervising students.

- can a professional with an MFA supervise phd students ?
-can a professional with a PhD supervise the work of MFA students?

how are the training methods different and overlapping ? what
are best examples of phd programs in art and design internationally !
the leonardo phd in art and design symposium organised by Ox
and Friedman solicits papers

I am currently working with Mauricio Mejia and Andres Roldan at the
University of Caldas , Manizales, Colombia on the issue of
training professionals for transdisciplinary collaboration-there will
be a panel and workshop on best practices at ISEA 2017 this june

in a private discussion with michael punt he challenged us to clarify:
- is transdisciplinarity research a method or a practice ?

does one train in particular research methods ? or does one create
the conditions for transdisciplinarity to emerge ?

one thing that is clear to me is that we seek to 'integrate' and not 'unify'
approaches ( Punt referred me to Rorty)

We encourage all yasminers to contribute to this discussion

roger malina

Leonardo Three-Year Symposium on the Ph.D. in Art and Design

Ken Friedman and Jack Ox, Guest Editors

In 2017, the journal Leonardo celebrates 50 years of publishing research and
works of art at the intersection of art, science and technology. As part of the
celebrations, we initiated a 3-year symposium to address issues surrounding
the development of the Ph.D. in Art and Design. The first articles are about to
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