Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] FESTIVAL of RESEARCH, MUSIC and IDEAS

Dear Yasminers,

I'm happy to bring to your attention the first "RESEARCH FESTIVAL", where
artists (musicians) present their research in and through musical practice.

FESTIVAL of RESEARCH, MUSIC and IDEAS 17-18 September 2009
Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium - www.orpheusinstituut.be

As the culmination of over a year of intensive research in-and-through
musical practice by its members, the Orpheus Research Centre in Music
[ORCiM] in Belgium presents its first Festival of research, music and ideas.

Through performances, presentations, talks and installations, Research
Fellows from ORCiM will share aspects of their cutting-edge insights into

This Research Festival will be a source of valuable inspiration to
musician-scholars keen to experience the new questions posed and
understandings generated through artistic research. This Festival will also
reveal future directions for ORCiM, as it disseminates the work of its
researchers in Europe and around the world.

*WHEN: Thursday September 17, 2009 and Friday September 18, 2009 (until 4.00
p.m.) The festival kicks off with a concert on Wednesday September 16, 2009

*REGISTRATION: Participants can register until September 9, 2009 through the
registration form to be found through www.orpheusinstituut.be

The registration fee of 30 euros includes morning and afternoon teas, a
festival brochure and a free copy of the first publication in the new ORCiM

*PROGRAMME: www.orpheusinstituut.be <http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/>


The Orpheus Institute, institute for advanced studies and research in music,
has been providing postgraduate education for musicians since 1996 and
introduced the first doctoral programme for music practitioners in Flanders
(docARTES 2004). Throughout the Institute's various activities there is a
clear focus on the development of a new research discipline in the arts: one
that addresses questions and topics that are at the heart of musical
practice, building on the unique expertise and perspectives of musicians and
constantly dialoguing with more established research disciplines.

Within this context, the Orpheus Institute launched an international
Research Centre in 2007: the ORPHEUS RESEARCH CENTRE IN MUSIC [ORCiM] with
the development of a discipline-specific discourse in the field of artistic
research in music as its core mission.

Orpheus Research Centre in Music

Orpheus Institute, Korte Meer 12, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Tel +32 9 330.40.81 - Fax +32 9 330.40.82 - email info@orpheusinstituut.be -
website www.orpheusinstituut.be <http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/> -

Contact festival: joyce.desmet@orpheusinstituut.be

Peter Dejans
Orpheus Instituut
Advanced Studies and Research in Music
Korte meer 12 9000 Gent
<mailto:peter.dejans@orpheusinstituut.be> peter.dejans@orpheusinstituut.be
<http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/> www.orpheusinstituut.be