Friday, September 4, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] New magazine El Niuton Eco-Tech, opening in the ARS ELECTRONICA

1. New magazine El Niuton Num. 10, "Eco-Technology"
2. Release of the new magazine in the ARS ELECTRONICA Festival, Linz Austria.
3. Coverage of the ARS ELECTRONICA Festival.

1. The magazine released its new edition number 10, "Eco-Technology".
The new issue of the Colombian magazine explores the environmental issues
addressed by the art and new media.
This review was supported by the Telefonica Foundation, Madrid and the
LEONARDO journal.
Some of the artists are, Theo Jansen, Symbiotica Institute, Rob Gorbet and
Philip Beesley, Ken Rinaldo, Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen, Andy Gracie.
The launch of this edition was held on 26 August in-Matik Matik, Bogotá
and will be relaunched under the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria
this 03 September 2009.
The event in Bogotá / Colombia included the discussion: "From subject to
action" by Ivan Argote and Pauline Bastard, art exhibition (t) error
Camilo Aguilar and Fungitonic music by Mauricio Alvarez.

2. El Niuton magazine and thanks to the program "Migrating Art Academies,"
will officially launch his new number "Eco-Technology" at the world
festival pioneer in art and technology, ARS ELECTRONICA.
There will be two talks on Friday, 04 Sept to 19 hours Austria, NY 12
hours, and Monday 07 at the same time. The conference venue is in front of
the main building "Ars Electronica Center, Hauptstraße 2-4" in the space
planned for Migrating Art Academies.

3. Special coverage of the ARS ELECTRONICA Festival from 3th to September
8th 2009, which this year has the theme "Human Nature".
Wait for the exclusive videos, interviews, lectures and much more about
this great event.
If you want us to do a special coverage that you might be interested in
the ARS ELECTRONICA event please contact us.
Gabriel Vanegas

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