Monday, September 7, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] NL RFP Digital Arts Charrette

Yasmin readers may find this RFP from the Patching Zone of interest.

Joseph Ingoldsby
Landscape Mosaics

Patching Zone:
real projects for real people

Call for students and young artists / designers to participate in three
projects in 2010.

The Patching Zone is a unique opportunity for international and Dutch
students/artists/designers/engineers/scientists who want to expand their
experience and knowledge exponentially. The Patching Zone produces
innovative small scale sustainable projects in real situations with real
people using to the process patching method that facilitates trans
disciplinary collaboration.

Be part of the Patching Zone team and work for one or two semesters on one
of our projects. The Patching Zone will assist with looking for temporary
housing and the team members receive a modest fee.

The projects are all starting January 2010:

Digital Art Lab. location: Zoetermeer (The Hague area)
Research question: what should the new art courses for the digital
generation look like ?

* Recycle-X-. location: Dordrecht (Rotterdam area)
Research question: how can we gear up the former main street of Dordrecht
towards becoming a sustainable cultural axis of the town?

* Living Lab Rotterdam South (Rotterdam area)
Research question: how can we create a living lab node in the southern part
of Rotterdam? How can we use the lab to mature creative talent of young
people in the neighbourhood and provide training for careers in gaming,
multimedia design, dancing, rapping, music (creative industry). How can we
stimulate and support cultural entrepreneurship?

All applications will be reviewed and juried based on its (discipline
specific) quality, expertise about the field, the motivation for trans
disciplinary collaboration and its creative approach towards the theme. The
first round of selections will be done by an expert jury. In a final round
The Patching Zone core team and representatives of the involved partners
will review the pre-selected proposals for the team composition and
expertise matches.

Detailed information as well as the application form on
< <> >

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