Sunday, August 29, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Benefits of art science collaboration to science and engineering


Dimitris Charitis will be starting up again the Hybrid City
discussion on September 13 in the meantime:

re the benefits of  art-science collaboration to science and engineering
you will find a number of supporting documents :

a) What are the goals of art-sci collaboration:

b) What are the different types of art-science collaboration

c) How to select art-sci projects through peer review:

d) Patents filed as a result of art-sci collaborations

e) Reference List supporting Science Case for Art-Science Collaboration

f) Quotes from eminent scientists supporting the case for Art-Science

g)Of interest Wellcome Trusts evaluation of their art-science program

h) Information about the upcoming USFNSF NEA workshop on art sci

All Comments, Suggestions, Criticisms , discussion on YASMIN


If your are a linkedin user there is a parallel discussion
at the "scientist artist collaboration" discussion group on linkedin

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