Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] hybrid city as interface


Just to remind you that for some time leonardo journal has had an open
call for papers called ENVIRONMENT 2.0, which includes a number of topic
areas relevant to our Hybrid City as Interface discussion.

A number of papers have already appeared, others are in press and
are available on the Leonardo Transactions Open Archive:

And also Leonardo/ISAST is co organising the GLOBAL WARNING
conference in San Jose this fall:


Leonardo Journal Call for Papers: Environment 2.0 Guest Editor: Drew Hemment

Leonardo calls for papers documenting cross-disciplinary thinking on
participatory observation and mapping of the environment, climate and
biodiversity; environmental data systems and services; and environmental
sustainability in a networked society.

Leonardo is soliciting texts that document the works of artists, researchers
and scholars involved in the exploration of citizens as environmental data
gatherers, and new approaches to environmental data systems and
environmental sustainability.

Themes and issues may include:
Participatory mass observation of the environment, climate and biodiversity
New approaches to accessing, visualizing and using environmental data
Open data and the environment
Citizen science and issues of participation
Environmental sustainability in a networked society
Ubiquitous, pervasive, locative and mobile communication technology
and the environment.

In urban environments in particular we are separated from the consequences
of our actions as surely as the tarmac of the road cuts us off from the
earth beneath.
This physical boundary encourages a phenomenological separation. Innovative
approaches to participatory observation and mapping can overcome this
when combined with the way the Internet and digital media have enabled
individuals to
produce and share information globally and instantly. An ability for
citizens to generate
environmental data, augmented by freely available public environmental data
combined with new techniques of accessing, visualizing and using that data
can help
to reconnect people to the environment and contribute to the movement toward
environmental sustainability.

Linked activities exploring the Environment 2.0 theme have been led by
FutureEverything (Futuresonic) and Lancaster University (U.K.).

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts or proposals to <>. Leonardo submission guidelines can be found
at Leonardo On-Line: <>.
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