Thursday, October 21, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Hybrid Spaces : Hybrid Cities : Hybrid Territories

Bonjour Yasmin,

I want to thank Dimitris Charitos for reminding me that I should have
included a short English translation of my comment according to list
policy. I now do so with pleasure.

all the best,

The winged denizens of the moor were fondly and warmly resting under
shelter of the banks, and the antlered monarch of the wild stood under the
shadow of the ancient oak shaking the flies from his tawny hide, as the
rout broke in upon Cona Glen.


> "
> Bha eòin bhuchallach an t-sléibh gu caidreaoh, guamach, a' gabhail
> tàimh an còs nam bruach, agus ùdlaiche cabrach nam fàs-ghlac, fo
> dhubhar na daraig aosda, a' siabadh nan cuileag o 'bhian calgaoh, an
> uair a bhrist an ruaig a steach air Cona-ghleann.
> "