Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art agency and its constitution


the venice biennale activities are under way= goerge
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With the current change in Middle-Eastern and North African countries,
>> it has become clear that the use of new media has apparently given
>> people the power to change status quos. This new (media) kind of
>> freedom is being addressed by attempts by governments to control the
>> web and exert better censorship and press intimidation. At the same
>> time the exercise of freedom of speech through new media gives rise to
>> new questions about the close relation to freedom and chaos.
>> A R A B means W E S T, the words عرب (Arab) and غرب (West) have the
>> same root. The A R A B S were named thus because they were to the west
>> of the Assyrians. It so happens that this name has come to give E U R
>> O P E its name through the myth of Europa, being kidnapped by Zeus
>> from kingdom of Tyre and ending up in an island at equal distance of
>> East and West. Being A R A B has become an allegory of change.
>> Change is happening, the question is whether change entails freedom or
>> whether it just refers to the unpredictability of chaos. The growing
>> aspect of participation in contemporary art, questions under new light
>> whether artistic practice per se, entails conditions of freedom, or
>> whether it stops at agency. Agency is a notion closely tied to that of
>> freedom. When we refer to agency, we usually combine the two words and
>> say free agency. But we sometimes use this term to refer to freedom as
>> well as agency. T H E A R A B S T A T E S O F M I N D is the
>> performative displacement, and the conceptual wandering of the 'State
>> of Mind' exhibition projected in Venice in June 2011.

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