Saturday, June 4, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art and science agency


here is an interesting project related to art and science agency-

its a project by Alain Bertho where he has been mapping all riots
that occur internationally

here is his 2007-2009 map of the world of all riots he recorded

he will be speaking at IMERA in marseille this tuesday June 7 at 2pm

rob von kranenberg commented

We have to work on applications towards capturing more granularity of
experience. If the IOT wants to be like the real world, then it has to try
to have the same kind of all out sensorial input. Currently we see as input
a lot of 'validated content', content that is validated prior to its
inclusion in the datasets that build the IOT.

rob points out that the on line virtual world is a highly filtered world-
its not like opening your eyes and looking- because there are strong
social forces at work putting on line only certain kinds of content

in previous yasmin discussions i talked about the need for open observatories
where we can all access data about our own world

if you are in or witness a riot take a video and send it to alain bertho !!



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