Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art and science agency


for our art and science agency discussion, the work of vesna milanovic
provides a number of examples of art agency in times of social
turmoil, in this case Serbia during the disappearance of yugoslavia

She recently published an article in Leonardo Journal

Performing Exile in Real Time through a French Feminist Framework

more information at

Engineering for Life network

We want to foster innovative collaborations that will enhance people's lives.

To do this we are creating a network of passionate researchers who
have the ability to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary working.
In particular, it will address problems related to the following three

rehabilitation and assisted living
sport, physical activity and medicine

Through an award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
Council, we will be holding field labs, idea generator events and
research cafes in order to drive the inspiration process towards
pioneering research.

These events will be dynamic environments - playgrounds for thinkers,
visionaries and innovators to create new connections and share

in a recent article she discusses the work of

The Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD) in Belgrade, Serbia,

is an independent cultural institution that works to allow the real
forces of society to surge into new, unfettered forms of cultural and
art creation. Through performances, exhibitions, concerts, public
discussions, lecture series, street actions and miscellaneous
inoculations that have involved thousands of persons for over 15
years, CZKD works to promote freedom of expression, freedom for
creativity and freedom from fear.

CZKD is both a producer and a venue. Its own productions have toured
domestically and internationally, in neighboring countries, throughout
the rest of Europe and as far away as Colombia.

It is a crucible for collaborative ventures of artists and activists,
public and private sectors, government and nongovernmental
organizations, international and domestic initiatives.

CZKD has always been the place where people come to feel free.

Unfortunataly our region of the mediterranean, middle east and north
africa has been the scence of repeated conflicts

artists and scientists have often responded- but the cultural roots for pacific
co existence dont yet exist

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