Friday, June 3, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] art and science agency and their constitutions


francis guiles in barcelona points us to

where many of the issues we are discussing re art and science
agency in the middle east and north africa are also being

he has just posted a personal memoir of his own interaction
with the politics of the region as a journalist ( for financial times
and other publications)

Francis is now at the Barcelona Center for International Affairs


The era of European colonial rule in the Maghreb was one of great
plurality and intermingling of cultures as well as of power and
violence. Several of these currents flow through the life of the
respected journalist and scholar Francis Ghilès. Here, he draws on a
remarkable familial and professional journey to reflect on the
experience of Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco since the 1950s, and asks
whether Europe can meet the test of a new era in the region.

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From: Francis Ghilès <> and our website

Francis Ghilès
Senior Research Fellow
Fundació CIDOB - CIDOB Foundation
Elisabets, 12
08001 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. (+34) 93.302.64.95
Cell. (+34) 61.877.67.63
Fax. (+34) 93.302.21.18

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