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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Lessons learned and advice for hybrid science-art careers

Hello Yasminists, ,

Reading the posts inspired me to reply:

1- what is your background as a scientist? In the arts, design or humanities

* Scientist: MSc. Work: Discovered the long-term memory ability of AWA and
AWB neurons in C. elegans nematode after vitrification (cryonic suspension)
and resuscitation. (2015). Over 15,000 downloads in first 3 weeks. MIT
picked up on it

* Arts: BFA. Works: Paintings, performance, film, video: All pertaining
to consciousness and human enhancement. Created whole body prosthesis (Primo
Posthuman) are viable concept (1996).

* Design: Ph.D. - Works: Theory of life expansion (extension across time
and space) of personal identity existing across multiple platforms
(substrates) as multiple rather than fractured, with the inclusion of a new
meaning of body (not disembodied) as essential for sustainability and to
counter theory of existential risk. All life exists within a system. Human
biology calls this a body. The entire ecology of Earth is a system, a series
of bodies of life.

2- when and how did you become involved in a hybrid art/science practice?

* Around 1979, which I left Telluride Colorado and became a filmmaker in
residence at the University of Colorado and made "Breaking Away", sculpting
my body into Red Rocks. The narrative focused on relationship between body
and ecology, as a metaphor for Tesla who engineered the water plant for
energy in Telluride. Just prior to this, I was a participant in "Arts &
Sciences '79" produced by Ricard Lowenberg where I composed a work the
Observatory based on constellation at that time of year and in that
atmospheric local. In 1997, my ideas were put in writing and included
onboard the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft mission to orbit Saturn carried my
art manifesto on it stating a desire for a more humane world.

3- what have been the major obstacles to overcome?

* In the arts: Being a woman, being an artist, and being a transhumanist.
The latter is due to the overreaching bias of Postmodernists in academics
and the bias of the Bioart field (especially in Australia) and through
curators. My work is early bioart, yet I have been blocked from
participating in many exhibitions and writings (except for the amazing work
chaired by Leonel Moura called INSIDE [art and science] in Lisbon,
Portugal. http://inside-lx.wix.com/insidearteciencia
* In the sciences: Nothing, other than hard work.
* In technology: Being a woman, being an artist. Spend a decade going to
conferences, events, etc. to learn as much as possible about biotechnology,
nanotechnology, robotics, and artificial general intelligence.

4- what have been the greatest opportunities/breakthroughs?

* Scientific breakthrough. Working with C. elegans nematode: trained simple
animal to imprint olfactory smell associated with chemical. Vitrified
(cryonic suspension). Resuscitated (warmed up and brought back to life).
Tested to see if the simple animals retained imprinting. They did. This
was the first time this science was approached, tested, and proven.
* Working with world leading scientists and technologists to develop Primo
Posthuman, and then to take it through the iterative process of evolving,
based on emerging sciences and technologies, to become its current state of
innovation as Whole Body Prosthetic - Platform Diverse with a what I call
Substrate Autonomous Persons (continuation of identity acorss time and
space) as a new "normal" rather than abnormal or splintered or fractured
*Invitation to SportAccord Convention in Russia to talk on the future of the
Olympics and introducing what a concept for Super Olympics.
*Invitation to TOPOS conference in Tokyo to meet about the growing
population of people over 60 and the reduction of births, and to work to
brainstorm how Japan can deal with this by coming up with what I call the
"Regenerative Generation" where retirement can be a choice, but a type of
time out and that the workforce can be seen as generating wisdom,
experience, and nurturing. People need a purpose in life and to contribute
to the socio-economic stability of their communities.

5- what would you do differently, knowing then what you know now?

That being a woman and artist need not segregate me from high-level fields
such as biotechnology, nanotech, AI/AGI and contributing to the mechanics of
humanity, rather than being an subjective practice or as entertainment. That
it can be edutainment.

6- any advices to someone who may want to walk in your footstep?

Get it done! Just do it! Get a PhD! Don't let people who are biased hurt
your feelings and be kind to them. They are just doing what they think is
best and their lack of knowledge is inexperience or fear of the unknown. Be
kind. Be generous. Pay it forward.

7. Add other questions and your responses you think are relevant

Modestly, no.


Natasha Vita-More

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