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Hi Roger

Happy to respond. I'll be forwarding the remainder of my promised Pioneers

*1**-what is your background In arts and its practice?*

* On through1940s grade school studies, three influential teachers prompted
and assisted my grounded educational directions; and, these foundations
became my direction-finding impetus; and, ultimately I bequeathed my
undergrad challenges toward art, science, humanitarian initiatives, and
the inevitable pathways, which was fraught from multiple hurdles.
Inspirational foundation fr three grade School Teachers and Scientists:
Karl Jansky's rotating radio wave antenna and George Owen Squier's**:
the possibility that whole forests could be used as radio
stations—broadcasting weather reports, news from the front lines of war,
and much else besides—is described by Scientific American as performing
"tree radio work.**"*

*2--when and how did you become involved in art/science practice? *

*My main question? the world is wired for what?*

*Concentrating on the W W W W H & Ws, exploring conceptually and
experientially between1969 to 1980s. Initial art pivots fr * *a. *
lithography * b. *ats satellite * c.*satellite perspectives * d. *natural
analog wave forms* e. *Gibbs Fjord monitors w/satellite relaying* f. *three
year old American elm sapling * g. *scanning electron microscope *h. *early
terrain instruments * i. *self broadcasting Birch *j. levitating sounding
sculpture k. *walker art center hene laser, Intel 8080 microprocessor
*l. *segues
to final Analog to Digital inter activities, and group funded wifi-based
project collaborations.

* Audible Construct's students' class analog monitoring projects Lake
Michigan gusts *

<> *



*3--- what have been the major obstacles to overcome?*

*At my back,disappointing post high school experiences, having struggled
following my post orphanage months in Chicago and, finally $ earning my
way- as a draft dogger in Canada, where I became an radio apprentice for
the CBC in Winnipeg. Two years later i relented, registered for the draft,
and was later honorably discharged.*

*4-- what have been the greatest opportunities*

* and breakthroughs? *

Brush, "Monitoring Nature's Sounds with Terrain-Based Constructions" (
*Leonardo* 17:1)


TREES, LAKE SUPERIOR ICE FLOES and other natural phenomena -




sound sculptures 1964-1975 -

Belgium installation

AllMusic Review by "Blue" Gene Tyranny

Since 1968, Leif BRUSH made sound installations and performances in
galleries and public places around the world using his Terrain instruments
-- The Minnesota Permanent Forest Terrain Instruments: The Signal Disc,
Whistler, Wind Ribbons, Rain drop triggers, Tree leave Filters, Tree harps
Networking, Modified Treeways -- and an array of accelerometer xyz sensors
(solar-powered amplifiers) connected to Intel 8080 microprocessor,
controlled and updated via FM up/down loads - via KSJN Minneapolis and
using telephone wires to connect local speaker-placed spaces in the one
acre environment,which amplified and articulated natural phenomena.
Mysterious and beautiful.

Google Books

"New music in the area of conflict of science and technology "

Terraplane performance The
Braun Sixtant dirigible receives data from a variety of sensors and
simultaneously resends these analog mirrorings- which are varied aural
surface layerings, including the escarpment's face together with an array
of terrain sound and vibrations for multiplex input- and utilizing radar,
satellite andFM-transmitting/receiving channels. Together in tandem with
visual counterparts, these terrain surfaces are observed by stationary
cameras in the dirigible. Imaging this vision uses heat-imaging sensors
together with a fish-eye video lens. Incoming inputs are mixed together in
the dirigible. This fusion merging of sound and image is intended to
provide a perceptually faux holographic whole. This spatial capture,
necessarily, includes enrichments from nuanced sound playings of earthen
features, whose anomolies may be wind-disturbed, emphasizing aural/visual
textures and expected wide ranging fluxed soundings. Realtime describes his
challenge: these aural and visual counterparts from exisiing inputs are
combined (multiplexed) in the Braun Sixtant and are instantly re-relayed to
the ground-to-satellite uplink. This whole context is simultaneously handed
over (uploaded) to Westar IV satellite and thereafter may be demultiplexed
(decoded) and downloaded into the black set top box for re-construction
into multiple speakers of all the sound and vision details.


*5-- what would you do differently, knowing then what you know now?*

*Want 10 additional years.*

*6-- any advices to someone who may want to walk in your footstep?*

*Crowd source and conceptualize interactive Art-Science recycled across
applications and local community boundaries.*

*7. Add other questions and your responses you think are relevant *

*Douglas Kahn contrasts the early military use of trees as antennas by
Squier, better known as the inventor of Muzak, with the use of trees in the
performative telecommunications of the American artist Leif Brush beginning
in the 1960s, as a way to ask about energies, communications and
survivability in the Warm War.*

*a.**t*errestrial winds, natural phenomena

*b**.* ats satellite

*c. *world stage satellite perspectives


*d**. *comprehending/understanding & sorting natural phenomena's analog
wave forms via

Michigan hexagram roof monitor


*e**. *Gibbs Fjord monitors w/satellite relaying

*f**. *An three year old American elm sapling was removed from our front
lawn and allowed to dry before being subjected to a mildly vibrating
miniature motor. It was attached to its base with a rubber cushion (for
dampening). This specimen appeared to me to be a miniature of its full and
mature growth. In effect, I felt that some vibrations would generally be in
the analog frequency ranges of a mature tree. I plan on obtaining aural and
visual signatures in future projects.

*g.*scanning electron microscope

*h.**terrain instruments defined*



*conceptual and terrain instrument prototypes *


*1980 *Terraplane Chorography II: International. Listening (1980, New Music
America, Walker Art Center, loring. Park, Minneapolis
*New Music America: 1980: Selected Highlights, Program 2*


Terrain Instrument

*i.* self broadcasting Birch

j. levitating sound sculpture

k. performance walker art center mineapolis mod-laser, Intel 8080

l. segues to final A to D projects

Tackling collaborative iniatives, in particular, the social net-worker's
ethical, humanitarian and creative challenge re one to many 'for 0common
good"; U.S.G. neighborhood and leadership subsidies for solar roofs,
appliances, e.g.,12 volt refrigerators based on the evolving global Nano
revolution, .gov and commerce upgrades.


a pioneering .edu endeavor- seeks unique collaborative global
artists-scientists, like-minded and path-searching people- via global,
zeroing school newspaper ads; Skype and, as foundation, an epicentral
platform from which to eventually segue a World Playing wiki resulting =as
orchestral leader of a prototypical Mesh node
As catalyst-teacher re this projection, the expected base goal would be to
demonstrate humanitarian values and explore perceptions among one mind and
many- in all forms of two-way human interactions.


A predetermined number of contributors - yet to be identified by this
process - would coalesce the prototypical neighborhood to neighborhood
fluxing of the inherent toward node-construction, which would coalesce and
transmit from multiple terrestrial vantages; among its objectives would be
to; (a) mirror an unimaginable phenomena re physical and organic aspects of
the natural world- in an effort to include eye-ear parity; (while
acknowledging the intuitive perceptions of prehistoric people, (b)
elucidate intertwined thinking beyond borders and countries, achieving a
meticulously new coin from which to formulate international commerce, its
corporate stewardship, and sponsorship.

What How

includes (wifi/laser) optical aspects and vital Nano-"commerce/interactive,
global humanitarian, and feedback-partnerships.

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