Saturday, April 23, 2016

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thanks for joining our discussion on lessons learned to help
young art science hybrid professionals

Stephan Thomas Vitas PhD is a psychologist living in Washington DC, with
research interests in cortical mechanisms involved in music, art, and
performance, and auditory applications for cerebral rehabilitation
processes. He is successor of an extended European family of opera singers
and musicians and plays bass

oon and piano.

Hope you will answer and post your replies to the questions posed by
Jean-Francois Lapointed

1- what is your background as a scientist? In the arts, design or humanities ?
2- when and how did you become involved in a hybrid art/science practice?
3- what have been the major obstacles to overcome?
4- what have been the greatest opportunities/breakthroughs?
5- what would you do differently, knowing then what you know now?
6- any advices to someone who may want to walk in your footstep?

7. Add other questions and your responses you think are relevant

and we invite any other yasminers who are professional scientists
involved in the arts/design or humanities professionally

Roger Malina
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