Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] STEAM: How do educators prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist yet?

thanks to those of you who have been sending in your responses to the
questions developed
by Francois Joseph Lapointe= Let me encourage you for a few more days
to send in your
own response- in a few days we will move on to another question" what
are exectional
examples ( exemplars" of hybrid art-science practice.

In the meantime here are the questions that we hope more yasminers
will send in their response to:

1- what is your background as a scientist? In the arts, design or humanities ?
2- when and how did you become involved in a hybrid art/science practice?
3- what have been the major obstacles to overcome?
4- what have been the greatest opportunities/breakthroughs?
5- what would you do differently, knowing then what you know now?
6- any advices to someone who may want to walk in your footstep?

7. Add other questions and your responses you think are relevant

Meanwhile for your amusement this announcement just hit my desk:

How do educators prepare students for jobs that don't even exist yet?

Bringing powerful STEAM learning to your school

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 | 02:00 PM EDT // 11:00 AM PDT


Now more than ever, it is important that students engage in STEAM
learning in order to be ready for what is
around the corner. STEAM – adding Arts to STEM – provides a full
360-degree approach to 21st-century learning.

This webinar will give you the inspiration to start your own STEAM
learning initiative in your school or district as well as the
necessary tips
, tricks, and tools for implementing a successful program.

Find out how STEAM permeates the entire curriculum and how tools
such as littleBits get students inventing and
reimagining the world around them.

roger malina

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