Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] serious discussion of STEAM


just some thoughts

I.e., none of us want a "creative" doctor -- we want, rather, a
> doctor who can apply the very latest "best practices" as defined
> by his or her profession.

Of course this depends on what you mean by "disease" and by "cure", on what
boundaries you set in their
social/political/psychological/anthropological/cultural contexts.

For example I don't really know if doctors such as Franco Basaglia would
agree on this.

As a matter of fact when you realize that "disease" and "cure" do not begin
and end in the hospital or in the lab, and that, for example, when you get
cancer you don't get it alone – your friends and relatives become ill as
well, because their lives change completely; your students become sick,
too, because you can't teach them anymore; your grocery store becomes
diseased, because you can't shop there anymore; your entire nation gets
sick, because they pay the taxes for your national health system; all in a
sequence of different psychological, cultural, financial, economic, social,
relational manifestation of the disease which are all "cancer": where does
the disease "end"? – creativity, art and their interweaving and
collaborating with sciences and technologies become more than welcome and,
let me use a strong word, "necessary".


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