Tuesday, December 20, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] stem-to-steam-or-ways-of-knowing

Paul Fishwich has blogged a response to our
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A lot of us are interested in STEAM - Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art and Mathematics. But what does STEAM actually mean?
I've published a couple of prior posts on STEAM: Why the Steam
Argument is One-Sided, and From STEAM to Shame but this time, I'd like
to start out with some reflection on what we are doing. Even though
STEAM is a popular acronym, there are others: SEAD, STEMM, AST (from
CAST), ArtScience, Art&Science, and so on. It is easy to get lost in a
plethora of letters.

What combines all of these acronym-inspiring efforts together is a
simple idea: perspective-taking, which is also known by other phrases:
ways of knowing, epistemological pluralism, and empathy. John Berger's
Ways of Seeing was one take on seeing from different perspectives.
Berger focused on what has evolved into Cultural Studies: posing
culturally loaded interpretations of art objects. Although, I find
Horowitz's take in On Looking more enlightening since the perspectives
are very different, and the objects and spaces of interest are diverse
(easily crossing into STEAM territory). It is easy to fall prey to the
trap of guessing how other people think without asking them. Some
perspective taking in art/science is where artists view mathematics,
science, and technology only as tools for their use, and STEM
advocates take a complementary view for Art and Design (artists making
great looking things). We can go beyond this.

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