Sunday, December 18, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] What does STEM to STEAM mean: New Ideas or Hot Moist Air ?


We are pleased to start our discussion : What does STEM to STEAM mean:
New Ideas or Hot Moist Air ?

Moderator: Roger Malina

Discussants: Dimitris Charitos ( Prof at University of Athens ,
Greece), Guillermo Munoz ( Spain, currently a nanoscience postdoc in
Japan),Gemma Anderson ( Artist and Lecturer in Drawing at Falmouth
University). Ken Friedman ( original fluxus member and design dean).
*Julia Buntaine (Neuroscience-based art)

ALL YASMINERS ARE WELCOME TO POST. Note we approve posts about twice a
day, so dont be impatient .

As you know there is an international discussion on "stem to
steam"concepts and approaches for new art/sci/tech teaching and
research methods. There is much debate and discussion on whether the
ideas behind STEM to STEAM are new in anyway, or whether the phrase is
a repackaging of current work in a way to attract new funding ( for an
understanding the social and cultural processes at work in 'selling'
programs like stem to steam - on a larger scale- see for instance
Patrick McCray's detailed book called The Visioneers: How a Group of
Elite Scientists Pursued Space Colonies, Nanotechnologies, and a
Limitless Future )

Note: we realise that the origin of the "STEM" terminology is a US
science funding invention, and in different countries the discussion
is being argued with different terms of how to find new ways to
integrate Art/Design/Humanities with Science/Engineering/Medicine.

The US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine are
currently conducting a two year study to address the higher
educationnpart of the question:

Integrating Higher Education in the
Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

The European Union has initiated the STARTS (science technology and
the arts ) funding program:

which seeks to address the innovation argument:

""STARTS encourages synergies between the Arts and innovation for
technology and society by promoting the inclusion of artists in
Horizon 2020 projects.An increasing number of high-tech companies
assert that scientific and technological skills alone are not
sufficient anymore. In this context, the Arts are gaining prominence
as catalysts for an efficient conversion of science and technology
knowledge into novel products, services, and processes.""
We will start the discussion with posts from our invited respondents

What is new in the STEM to STEAM concept ? What can be done easily now
that was difficult to do 20 years ago?

Roger Malina
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