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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] YASMIN discussion: how does STEAM improve the way that science and engineering is taught ?

Guillermo and Yasminers

Thanks for your examples of how some physicists are working with
artists using gaming platforms to teach physics (appended below)-
maybe other yasminers have other examples of how science and
engineering can be taught differerently using methodologies from the
arts/design/humanities ( I will get to your point about embedding
STEAM into society later- what helga nowotny calls 'socially robust

Gaming platforms are being widely used now in a variety of training
applications- A student in our program, aaron tate, is the lead artist
on a game for the UTD Center for Brain Health that is used to help
train young people with cognitive and learning disorders. O
ur VR faculty member Ryan McMahan uses both VR and gaming platforms ( )- in certain applications he has shown
that the systems provide learning and training solutions that are
better than real-world exercises,. Maybe fifty years from now this
will become dominant learning training methodologies when everyone is
born digital.

Iin the large field of visual mathematics there is a lot of exciting
work for twenty years- here is a recent and really amazing
example"Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing" by henry Segerman
he demonstrates how to

demystifying advanced mathematics with the help of 3D printed models.
Here, he tackles some difficult concepts—from symmetry to curvature to
the shadowy world of four-dimensional shapes—with clear, inviting
explanations and beautiful 3D printed illustrations."= this is useful
not only for people with visual learning styles but more generally to
imagine complex mathematics.

In our lab we are working with a physicist, mike kesden who is a
theoretical physicist. We have been working with an artist and gaming
expert to convert his equatoins into 3d for the oculus so one can
manipulate the parameters for orbiting black holes. Its not as good as
building intuition in the real world-but its really fun changing the
mass of a black hole and see what happens.

All of this is embedded in the new discipline of the science of
learning eg

maybe other yasminers have examples of how stem to steam techniques
can be used to teach science and engineering better.

here is your email i am responding to


4) But Art, as a knowledge expression, can enhance all of these excenarios,
from cultural, to visual technology (or sonic, aptics, and so on) to
criticism and, of course, to enhance the society links of research. For
example, some research groups now are including in their CS activities
gammification platforms, with the help of visual artists. My favourite
examples are Quantum Move and The Big Bell Test:

- Quantum Moves:

- The Big Bell Test (Introduction):

But this is just because i´m physycist, and of course you have many more of
this kind of examples, like Foldit and many more.

Guillermo Munoz

On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 11:13 PM, roger malina <> wrote:
> Yasminers
> I will take the moderators prerogative and do an initial post for our discussion
> One of the hot debates in STEM to STEAM is how STEAM approaches will
> change the way that science, engineering and medecine are taught.
> Scientists and Engineers are happy to promote the integration of
> science and engineering
> into the way that art and design are taught,
> but few scientists and engineers think that they need to intragrate
> art and design into the way they teach.
> If any yasminers are involved in using STEAM to teach STEM subjects in
> new ways, please tell us about it !
> Roger Malina

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