Wednesday, December 21, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] Response to Chris Freemantle

Languages of the sciences and the arts...

I write in response to Chris Freemantle's response to Julie's point
about language: "Whilst dictionaries and translation are obviously
vital, it does depend on what sort of activity is aimed at, what sort
of position is sought (and the time available - more time can equal
more mutual understanding)."

As scientists and as artists we hold a range of beliefs, and the more
time we make available to listen to each other, the greater chance
there is for recognising mutual interests, and forging the symbiotic
relationships necessary for survival in our world of diminishing

An artist who collaborates with scientists to reveal answers to
questions and to test hypotheses, my experience is that many
scientists are also artists - at least those who choose to work with
me! Clearly there's some self-selection happening here, and a
suggestion that science alone cannot render the whole big picture
overview of our place in the natural world. That's certainly the case
with purely industry-driven scientific research these days.

As an artist of European and Indigenous Australian ancestry, I work to
bridge the gap that I perceived persists within our post-Colonial
culture worldwide, between the two ways of being in the world. I see
attention to language as key to reconciliation within our selves as
well as within our community.

Now we have new words like 'Ecoart', that I understand (correct me if
I'm wrong!) identifies art that is grounded in the actuality of changes
happening in the natural world in (including us). Is it like 'Living
Data', 'for making known different ways we come to understand and
respond to climate change'?

I'd like to hear from anyone who identifies what they're doing with this
new language project I'm developing, or who knows of anything like this
already happening:



Lisa Roberts

Living Data Program Leader

Visiting Fellow
University of Technology Sydney
Faculty of Science

Visiting Scientist (a.k.a. Artist)
Australian Antarctic Division
Krill Biology

PhD (Media Arts), MA (Animation/Interactive Media),
Dip. Aboriginal Studies, Dip.Ed. (Art/English), Dip. Art

Mob.0428 502 805


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