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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] A is Athletics in STEAM and a call for amphibians

Hello to all and happy New Year,

Two small inputs / sets of references around the STEM / STEAM discussion that might be useful - both about influencing the debate beyond academia and arts sectors, one angled around language to convince politicians and the other linked to the encouragement of gender balance in STEM through the inclusion of the A

1) A download publication that might be useful to this debate came out of an event held by The Cultural Capital Exchange in London in November 2015 - STEM vs STEAM

It was a gathering " to debate the issues raised by the UK government's STEM research agenda – a policy of promoting education and research in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and maths over and above those of the arts and humanities.….The event was a much needed opportunity for high profile artists, academics and cultural leaders to provide insight and come together in a lively, inspiring and focused debate surrounding STEM vs STEAM. Some of the key issues raised included an integrated agenda, the relationship between Arts and Humanities research, industry and government, knowledge exchange between Arts and Humanities and other sectors, and whether the Arts and Humanities have the evidence, methodologies, arguments and articulated impacts required to be heard." More information here

I attended and wrote a short article for the publication afterwards, a publication published in print too and distributed into government and to politicians - here is the page to the download publication

2) The STEM / STEAM debate has been on the agenda within the women in tech debate for several years … the acknowledgement of creativity through the A into STEM is seen by some as a sure way to enable and encourage more girls and women into STEM.

We ourselves covered this in 2013 in EU and UK based events as part of our Women Shift Digital programme

and this angle regularly occurs in the debate on the issue of gender balance in STEM, reaching nowadays into mainstream conference and expo debates about the gender balance in tech issue - For Women Shift Digital we focus on "How can we encourage more girls to take up STEM skills at school and university? How can we ensure women's involvement in the base of design conception right through to product release, thus enabling balanced end user fulfillment? What can the arts and design sector deliver into this interdisciplinary context through a STEAM led strategy i.e. adding the A for Arts/Design into the mix ? Would this help more girls and women to gain the skills needed to join the digital knowledge pool? "

best Ghislaine

Ghislaine Boddington
Creative Director, body>data>space
Co-Founder, Women Shift Digital
@GBoddington @bodydataspace @WomenShiftDigi

- Reader, Digital Immersion, Creative Professions and Digital Art, University of Greenwich
- Creative Consultant, Plexal, Innovation Centre at Here East
- Studio Expert, BBC Click Radio (World Service)
- Co-curator, Nesta's FutureFest @futurefest
- Research Fellow, ResCen Middlesex University

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