Tuesday, January 24, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] condensing STEAM:


this has been a vigorous discussion
given the limitations of on line discussion lists
and i am taken by the practical turn taken
by ruth, glen, julia, ken , and others

in the current debates about stem to steam there
is a recurrent call for 'evidence' that stem to steam
is a good idea- with the search for different kinds of evidence-
quantitative, qualitative, analogic....

the SEAD group, led by alex topete, is currently working on a list of
of really good STEAM projects- we will be sharing this
list publically in march at an exhibit at the us national science
foundation- if any yasminers have one or two really amazing
exemplars ( not their own work) they would point to
as evidence of the unexpected outcomes of stem to steam approaches
please so send these names/url to this list with why you think it is a good

One of my favourite exemplars is the work of David Dunn and Jim Crutchfied
on bioaccoustics/barkbeetles infestations/sound of trees growing- where
both fascinating music was developed and scientific discoveries because
of the collaboration of an artist and scientist

other kinds of evidence are experimental psychology in the science of
learning which a number of researchers are working on ( kathryn evans
just finished a phenomenelogical study of stem students taking sound
and music courses)

kathryn, as she mentioned to yasminers is about to relaunch an updated
of the CDASH web site which aggregates curricula and programs in steam


i second her call- if you are teaching a course, or running a program
that should be included in the CDASH aggregation- please do mention
in on the yasmin discussion list and kathryn will contact you to
get the details for inclusion in CDASH

if steam is not just hot moist air- lets identify the condensates !


Roger F Malina
is in Dallas +15108532007 malina.diatrope.com
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