Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Your Moderator

Dear Yasminers,

My latest post having been turned around at something like 4:00 AM
local time by Houssine SOUSSI, I've felt compelled to take a look at
his home town of Agadir, Morocco on Google Maps, and it appears to be
a quite small community alongside regional road N10 in the middle of
the country, i.e., quite far from the famous and coastal Casablanca;
and so I am further compelled to first thank Houssine SOUSSI for his
diligence, and then to ask him to describe in some detail --
stranger in a strange land! -- how he has come to be the trusted
lieutenant of the great Roger Malina, his own background and goals,
and what he thinks of the current dialogue -- and my guess is that we
will be totally enthralled with his contribution!!!


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