Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] YASMIN discussion: how does STEAM improve the way that science and engineering is taught ?

Dear Yasminers,

On behalf of Leonardo/Olats, I wish you all a wonderful year
Regarding this discussion, I think you will be interested by
this series of podcasts that I recorded with the artists and
some of the scientists envolved in the FEAT project.

FEAT stands for Future Emerging Art and Technology and it
consists of having artists in residence in the
science-technology european consortia FET / Future and
Emerging Technology.

I found very nurturing the way they discuss art-science
relations, where the art lies and models of residencies and

Each of them is a bit long (around 30 minutes) but truly
worth it. And I guess you could also use them, or some of
them, in your teaching programmes.

Enjoy !


FEAT is a project Co-funded by the European Union
Project website : http://featart.eu/

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