Sunday, January 8, 2017

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] What arguments might there be against the STEAM agenda?

I concur with Ken and Roger. Scanning through the postings so far in this discussion, I have seen excellent examples of putting STEAM principles into practice, but what I would appreciate even moreso are the principles themselves, well stated, not necessarily with examples. Even Wikipedia defintions would be helpful.

In that regard, consider the following. Science, Art, Engineering and Mathematics are all disciplines that can be defined by the processes they incorporate. Each has a specific "mindset" that can allow one to differentiate between, say, a scientific method versus an artistic method. Each approaches problem-solving and creativity from a different perspective.

What I'm interested in reading in our postings is how these varied process metaphors can be woven together into a cohesive whole. Especially given how, in many institutions, each of these disciplines exist in its own "ivory tower."

Therefore, questions that arise in my head include the following.

1. How do we define each discipline, without resorting to definition by example?
2. Do we truly want to "blend" these approaches together? Or would it be better to allow them to reman distinct, and focus on how they can compliment each other?
3. How far do we need to go in fostering a common language amongst these disciplines?

Final note: I've left "technology" off the table as it is concerned with tools rather than methods. In fact, each of the other four disciplines utilizes technology in its processes.

Nuff said!
Bill Joel, Director
Graphics Research Group
Western Connecticut State University

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It occurs to me to ask an interesting questions. Everyone on this list favors the STEAM agenda. So do I. But I also recognize that a significant number of the projects I see are open to debate. As Roger noted, I would like to see greater clarity - conceptual, metaphorical, epistemological, and terminological.

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